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Royal-Drama Screencaps
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The community for a really random screencap gallery
- This community is for updates regarding Royal-Drama Screencaps.

- The purpose of my screencap is to provide caps of things that you don't see capped very often. A lot of things that I have and plan to cap are from the 1990s.

-You can search for things I have already capped in the tags. If you are looking for a request post or my list of media that I own and am willing to cap, you can find them at the resource post.

- Please credit either hermionesparkle / royaldcaps / or Royal-Drama Screencaps if you use any of the screencaps.

- At this time I do not offer zip files.

- Comments are loved and appreciated. Even just a "thanks" can mean a lot! Especially since I am doing this by myself!!